My name is Jade and I have been married to my college sweetheart for over 20 years and we have 3 beautiful girls!  I have been professional photographer since 2011 and I have captured hundreds of weddings, seniors and families!  

I want to capture life as it really is—sweet and funny, always changing and bringing new seasons.

  My goal with every person, every family, and every occasion is to capture the heart of the current season of their life.   I’m waiting for mom to forget about the kids’ hair and sink back into the moment or for dad to break his “smolder” and really smile.  I’m watching for the breathlessness of the newlyweds rushing up the aisle and into their future or the look of pure love on big sister’s face when she holds “her” baby for the first time.  I want to catch the intimate glance exchanged by the couple in love and the sweet glow that radiates from expectant parents. There are countless moments and occasions that offer us the opportunity to see the wonder that our lives can hold and I don’t want to miss a single one.  My desire is that those I photograph can look at the mere seconds that I am able to capture and recognize and appreciate the beauty of their own perfect moments in their imperfect world.  Friends, the life God gives us is but a vapor and we only have one chance to make the most of it.  Celebrate each new season as it comes and learn to live in and be thankful for every perfect—and imperfect—moment. 


Send me a message, lets plan your session!  [email protected]